Eugene Ulrich Family

Hi!. We are a Texas-size family, currently living a great life in Texas.
I was born and raised in Costa Rica. At the age of twenty we moved to USA.
I currently own a small business in Texas and consider myself very fortunate to be able to provide business opportunities for my children.
Recently i discovered a terrific real estate opportunity. Properties that were well poised for huge increase in value.
Since these properties overlook the hills my wife and I grew up in, they hold a special romance for us.
I dream of someday building a vacation home on this lot and look forward to the local Earth-friendly development by Santiago Springs.
Eventually we will be overlooking a large lake and be close to an international airport.
Then with a new road being built to the Pacific we will have a premium property in Southern Costa Rica.
Our 4-5 bedroom cabin with a mountain view. But this property leaves the Smokies in the smoke.
I enjoy writing and am currently working on a sci-fi romance trilogy in hopes of changing the world for the better.
But when i am more sober, I really would like to enjoy a cup of coffee on the porch and visit with my tico neighbors!

Thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoyed the coffee!